Kari Besharse

Hammond, Louisiana

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After a fantastic summer spent traveling, composing, and hiking, my husband and I moved (on extremely short notice) to Hammond, Louisiana to teach at the music department of Southeastern Louisiana University. This fall, I am teaching three sections of Intro to Music and one section of Aural Skills I. So far, things have been pretty busy for us. Our furniture and everything else we own is still in Champaign, Illinois. Seriously, we have 2 TV dinner trays, a lawn chair, a college dorm chair from Target, and our fantastic air mattress (thanks to Ed & Amy Martin) (we are 5 weeks sleeping on the air mattress and counting).  We have managed one trip to the beach (in Alabama) and one swamp adventure, too. We do have plenty of new music in the works, so stay tuned for more news and a report of my exciting adventures this summer!

Author: kbesh

Kari Besharse is a composer of both electroacoustic and acoustic music. She is interested in finding new ways to combine and share ideas and materials between the two mediums through a cross-fertilization of processes and ideas. Inspired by the sounds and processes inherent in the natural world, timbre, texture, and sound are essential players in her works, which are often generated from a group of sonic objects or material archetypes that undergo processes of rupture, degradation, alternation, and expansion.

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