Kari Besharse

Electric Monster and the Invasion of the Incredible B.S.O.s VIDEO!!!

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I have finally uploaded the video of the world premiere performance of my laptop ensemble piece, Electric Monster and the Invasion of the Incredible B.S.O.s to YouTube (embedded below). The B.S.O. soloists did a great job, showing great mastery over their bouncy, mischievous instruments. I was also very happy with the laptop performers who got to know their patches very well and came up with many interesting sounds during the performance. Overall, the performance was a success and I look forward to seeing future interpretations of the piece.

Author: kbesh

Kari Besharse is a composer of both electroacoustic and acoustic music. She is interested in finding new ways to combine and share ideas and materials between the two mediums through a cross-fertilization of processes and ideas. Inspired by the sounds and processes inherent in the natural world, timbre, texture, and sound are essential players in her works, which are often generated from a group of sonic objects or material archetypes that undergo processes of rupture, degradation, alternation, and expansion.

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