Kari Besharse

The Anemone Fragments


The Anemone Fragments (2012)

for cello and live electronics (Max/MSP) (14:30)

Commissioned by Craig Hultgren

World Premiere: October 31, 2012, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA, Craig Hultgren, cello




May 29, 2013, Music on the Mountain, Birmingham, AL, Craig Hultgren, cello

The Anemone Fragments, for cello and live electronics draws together several aspects of human experience and myth, most importantly, the emotions of solitude and passion. The experience of listening to the various qualities of wind also figures prominently in this piece, for example, the subtle contrasting sounds of a gentle breeze through aspen leaves, or the wind through an oak forest at dawn.

“Love shook my heart

Like the wind on the mountain

rushing over the oak trees.”


I have grown weary of the winds of heaven.

I will not be a reed to hold the sound

Of whatsoever breath the gods may blow,

Turning my torment into music for them.

They gave me life; the gift was bountiful,

I lived with the swift singing strength of fire,

Seeking for beauty as a flame for fuel —

Beauty in all things and in every hour.

The gods have given life — I gave them song;

The debt is paid and now I turn to go.

– Sara Teasdale, Rivers to the Sea, (1915), “Sappho (Rivers to the Sea)”

Download a score excerpt

To purchase a score and Max/MSP patch, please contact me directly at karibesharse@hotmail.com.



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