Kari Besharse

Electric Monster

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For the past couple of months I have been working day and night on a piece for 5-12 laptops and I am extremely happy to report it is almost finished. The work was written for the Electric Monster Laptop Ensemble founded and directed by Hsiao-Lan Wang and will be premiered later this spring. I am extremely excited about this piece which uses live sound from mysterious sound-making objects, BSOs (Bouncing Spherical Objects). The live sound from the BSO soloists is processed, manipulated, and passed around a WiFi network  via Max/Msp.

Author: kbesh

Kari Besharse is a composer of both electroacoustic and acoustic music. She is interested in finding new ways to combine and share ideas and materials between the two mediums through a cross-fertilization of processes and ideas. Inspired by the sounds and processes inherent in the natural world, timbre, texture, and sound are essential players in her works, which are often generated from a group of sonic objects or material archetypes that undergo processes of rupture, degradation, alternation, and expansion.

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