Kari Besharse

Obstruction 1 (2020)

Obstruction 1 for speaker and 2-8 performers explores the idea of being relentlessly interrupted, ignored, obscured, interfered with or obstructed when speaking. As is so often in life, this kind of continuous oppression happens to women and minorities on a day-to-day basis, with little regard for the content of our message. This type of obstruction can be born from many different intentions (or misintentions), including boredom or apathy on the part of the audience, but it often belies a violent, aggressive intent whether it be psychological or physical. 

Obstruction 1 may be performed via Zoom (or some other online platform), or may be performed in person. Each time the piece is performed, a new iteration should be created. The world premiere on December 18, 2020 by the Versipel Collective was thus entitled Obstruction 1a: Director’s Welcome.